Double Fisted

Today I walk around with both hands full.  My left carries my old blackberry and my right, my new one.  I love my left hand, with Facebook and all of my Foursquare tools working.  My right has my texting, notifications and the actual telephone working.  Yesterday, the “upgrade” I received and the new phone came with this problem.  I truly think it is my old blackberry holding on for dear life to me, yes me. 

We have a very personal relationship.  We are never separated, like I am sure alot of people out there.  It comes with me to the bathroom while I shower and it even watches over me while I sleep.  It sits quietly, waiting to alert me of something special.  It was my first blackberry.  I should have given it a name now that I think about it.  I name my children and pets and even they arent with me like my blackberry.  I think I like my blackberry more than them sometimes too. 

This new one I am not real comfortable with.  No track ball, smaller keys and it’s very bright.  I think its trying to out flash me.  Maybe I should keep my first blackberry and give back the new one.  We could just fix the track ball for goodness sake. 

I, however know that it will soon be fixed as I have an appointment with Verizon in just about an hour to fix the ill working new blackberry.  My first will then die and its last working features will not continue to blaze in their glory any longer.  I might offer a burial.  I might give it a name.  I will embrace the new grip and features that my old phone just cant compete with and begin to evolve.


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One Response to Double Fisted

  1. Brandi says:

    hahahahahahha – the comment about being with it more than your own children is priceless!

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