Lost Pigments

Ok, so I found out about two months ago that the pigment in my hair is gone from some treatments that I had over the summer.  At first I was devastated…..and then grieved for the loss of color.  I had great dirty blonde, semi brownish hair color with a speckle of grey thrown in here and there.

What I didn’t know was how much I would love the lack of color.  It grew on me.  I have found myself wanting to take more pictures of myself with this new found hair color or lack of.  It is a light salt and pepper, though getting darker by the week it seems.  The doctor did say that over time my haircolor would return and now I don’t actually want it to come back. 

I am enjoying the new me and the color suits a cut that is short and works with ease on a daily basis.  Do they make a hair color that takes out color?  I might need that.  I find myself looking at pictures from just last Spring wondering who that person is.  I am not devastated anymore and my husband likes his new woman.

It really is funny how something one day that makes you cry in pain makes you just as happy in the next moment of your life.  This is a day that I found something worth while in me.  A change for the better in a time when I went through the worst to get here.


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