42 Bins

Today is the day.  A quiet Sunday where I begin my ritual of taking down “Christmas”.  The only help I ask for is to grab the bins from the basement.  That daunting task takes about ten minutes, where mine takes all day and part of the night.  Over my 26 years of adulthood, I have collected many ornaments and collectibles that adorn my house from November 1st until January 9th, or so.

Like the trains, there is usually a story in each piece and just like when I put them out, I remember the details as I carefully put them away.  The past two years I have been lucky enough to have great new nutcrackers added to the pieces as well as a hand crotcheted Christmas blanket.  A gorgeous set of five “wishing” ornaments and two beautiful snowmen.

Someday, I will certainly run out of space for all the decorations and memorable knick knacks that I have been given.  Until then, I will keep adding to the bins, now 42.

One of the most precious new items that is the hardest to put away is “the elf”.  We adopted Zachary two years ago (The Elf on The Shelf).  He is by far the cutest and most fun thing about Christmas lately.  http://www.elfontheshelf.com/#/home  

Zachary keeps us on our toes as he has to go to the North Pole every night and comes back to a different place in the house.  My husband takes a picture of every spot he rests.  It’s a pretty cool new tradition.  I think I will put him away last.  So off I go and I won’t stop until Im finished and my son is grumbling that he will never continue this tradition, or have basements. 

When it is over, I will cry.  The house will seem empty and my heart will be heavy with the sorrow of the season behind me.  The saving grace is the snow on the ground and the warm hugs I will receive from my loving family.  They realize what today means to me.  How hard it really is to put all of these great memories away.  Just maybe I can get them to watch just one more run of the “Year Without A Santa Clause”. 


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One Response to 42 Bins

  1. ally says:

    awwww, i took down my decorations yesterday and I feel the same way 😦 wish I could keep them up all year long. I’ll watch Christmas movies with you any time of the year xoxo

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