Mash Potato Halloween

For a change-up on holidays and a day that I will remember forever, lets go to Halloween, 1998.  My husband and I decided to have his brother and wife over for dinner on Halloween, to eat, play cards and probably drink a little too much.  This made for quite an evening. 

Of course, we were younger, a bit more stupid and our house was, well lets say “challenged” at that time.  We hadn’t started any remodel yet and in fact it was the eyesore of the street.  Mark Halloween and a cloudy late afternoon and it became down right spooky.  If you were a kid then, and dared to come up our driveway, you were insane.

To top it off, we had all had a few “spirits” and were playing that great card game:  Blind Man’s Bluff or commonly known as Indian Poker.  You know it.  You are dealt one card, faced down in front of you.  At one time, everyone takes that card and places it on their forehead, so everyone around the table sees your card, but you.  By the expressions on their faces, you decide whether to keep your card, or replace it with a new face down card from the dealer.  The highest card after the exchange wins the round.  Not the coolest game around, unless you are late 20’s and drinking on Halloween night.

Round three came and we all put our cards on our heads.  Jarrod had an eight of diamonds.  Barb had a Queen of Hearts.  Sammy had an Ace of spades.  Who knows what I had (It was an Ace of Hearts).  From the start, for no apparent reason, we all started giggling.  Sammy and I looked at each other and across the room and after seeing each other’s aces, promptly threw our cards down for another.  This ensued a riot of laughter by Jarrod and Barb at which Sammy and I were confused.  After a replacement of our cards and losing the round, we were told what we threw away and looked in horror at our aces that we had thrown away just a minute before. 

I think it was a “you had to be there” moment, because even typing it now, it just doesnt do the moment justice. 

Dinner was next.  At this point I don’t remember what we even ate for dinner that night, except the mashed potatoes.  We were all still hysterical over the error in card playing as we ate and there it came.  The dreaded knock on the door.  It was Halloween after all.  But what crazy child would dare walk up our path, to the house of horror?  Sammy would make it worth their walk. 

He grabbed the bowl of mashed spuds and serving spoon and flew the door open!  There stood three tweenish looking kids all with made up faces and pillow cases for treat bags.  Sammy offered an evil look and promptly dug the spoon into the bowl and went to the first case.  The kid squealed in a “are you nuts” squeal and looked past him to me for a confirmation of seriousness.  I confirmed that we were offering spuds and with that they turned to leave.

Our laughter was so loud, I remember my ears ringing.  I then ran after the kids with proper candy in hand.  They just ran.  Far, far away.  Its now 2011 and I bet they tell that story to their college buddies and friends.  Maybe it was your children.  If they have told you about some really strange people that tried to give them mashed potatoes for candy back in 1998, that was us.

What a great night.


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One Response to Mash Potato Halloween

  1. So, it was YOUR house! Just kidding. I would have loved to have been there!

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