The Summer of Food

2010 brought great things. My oldest graduated college, we got a new puppy and I got sick. Why is that great? Two reasons:

I found out I had the greatest friends in the world


I got to eat some of the finest comfort food for months!

The very week that my daughter would graduate college (with two degrees, three honor societies and on the Deans list), I found out I was sick. So sick that I could not bring myself to tell her until after her party. I knew I would undergo treatments that would ravish my body of all my energy, hair and the will to do anything.

What I didn’t know was that a very good friend of mine was creating a food chain for my family. For one month, every friend we had would take a night and cook dinner for us and deliver it too. One of the first to sign up was a good friend who had just lost her son. She was cooking for us while getting deliveries of food for her family in their time of need.


Cancer is a killer. I know it first hand and it killed me this past summer. The medications prevented me from doing anything short of sleeping. I didn’t shower sometimes for days because I couldn’t move my head. I was bald, depressed, bloated, angry and just plain sick. I had to leave my second job and slept through a trip away to Pocono, because of medications.

What I wasn’t lacking was some serious compassion and an outpouring of love from my friends who fed my family every day. When the first month was coming to an end, they added a second month and we ate some more. They sent so much food that we had enough for lunch the next day.

How do you say thank you. How do you even express what those two months meant to us. I thought it for a long time. Then it hit me. I would write a poem or song of thanks. I looked at the calendar of foods and began….

To the tune of “Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on kittens”

Meatballs and pasta, green beans and chicken
Pizza and salad, its all finger lickin’
Meatloaf and burgers and corncakes galore
Promplty arriving each day at our door

Corn on the cob and the cookies are waiting
Ribs on the table, ready for tasting
Cutlets and gravy all over your floor
Promptly arriving each day at our door

When the doc calls
and the news stings
and we’re feeling bad
We’ll always remember these wonderful months
and then we won’t feel sooooo baaaaaad

Warm apple pie with a crisp enchilada
Eating all night, we are fed, oh mmhmm hell ya
Meat pie is coming with all true delight
Never a worry bout what’s for tonight

Roast Beef and carrots, cool mashed potatos
Fights over who gets the last of the fresh rolls
Leftovers that we just eat every day
Never a worry, just what can we say

When the doc calls
and the news stings
and we’re feeling bad
We’ll always remember the FRIENDS that we have
and then we wont feeeel….soooooo……bad…..

wait, its not over……after all there is alot of food to talk about here…

Aspagus plenty, and Broccoli treats
lunch time and crunch time, we’ve always got eats
The vanishing pot of macaroni and cheese
August is coming and more , yes oh please!!

Barbeque chicken, baked or just pan fried
danish and potpie, both I just cant hide
Favorites all of them, every bite
Never a worry, not one single night

Lasagna and cupcakes, baked beans and noodles
chili with turkey, pulled pork by the oodles
Eggplant and pudding and french bread and cheese
Roasted potatos, kids used the word please

We dont care if
there is bad news
we’re not feeling bad
we love you and always remember these words
we THANK YOU and are so glllllllaaaaaad

that we call you are friends, neighbors and people that are wonderful in our lives


On a serious note, my family can never repay the kindness you have all shown to us during this trying time in our lives. We thank you and know that it has made a huge difference not having to worry about feeding the kids every day. They have loved the leftovers and we are all very full and loving it very very much.



PS: With my brain, it is very possible that I have not tagged everyone who has helped or I am not FB friends with all of them, so please, if you see someone not listed, like Marco and T, if there is some way to get this to them, feel free to try for me….love you and thank you!

Time went by…..

It’s been five months since then and more treatments and sonograms and radiation. I have my hope back. I have tremendous friends. I will be on Leukemia medication forever and it doesn’t bother me anymore. I have good and bad days but I will always have those days, those wonderful sixty days of surprises at my door at 5:00 pm every day.

I love you all. I am still here fighting. I will be for a long time. Thank you.


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