I’m a Sap

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As you have quickly determined, if you are an avid reader of my blog (ok, I can dream), that I am a sap. I’m a mushy, emotional and crazy individual. I remember intimate details about so many little things that any normal person would think I needed help.  I get all weepy over stuff that people just roll their eyes over.

My level of Sapiness increases at movie time. My son doesn’t watch many movies with me anymore because I will certainly tear up or if “Andy sits down and plays with Woody for the very last time”, will actually cry a little. Forget it if The Notebook is on. I am very quickly left alone. With my tissue box and popcorn.

Even tonight, watching my show on DVR, that show….you know it….the one on Sunday nights, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. The only one by my side is my husband. He is only here because of the cool stuff they do to the house.  I can never get passed the story behind the new house.  That inevitable broken parent or handicapped child in need or the tragic situation that put them where they are now.   I’m ready, tissue box in hand, armed and ready for the river that will soon become my face.

I think when they say the phrase, “Wear your heart on your sleeve” they knew I would be born. I can’t lie. I expose myself at every try. I can’t stop a tear when I need to cry, forget it. If you dare to watch a movie with me that I have seen before, I am doomed to give some part of it away.  I do it on purpose when my dad is here, just to see him peer over at me.  Its pretty funny.

I cry at the really good commercials. I now can’t even watch the ASPCA spots nor listen to Sarah McLachlan  songs. It’s a curse. Every single year on September 11th, I watch a great documentary filmed by two brothers and I still cry intensely and in the end, have very swollen eyes. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1855429632/tt0312318

Forget watching certain movies more than once too. Schlindlers List and The Changeling are two that I could only see once, though I loved them both. I still send billions of Christmas cards, totally for sentiment sake and wrap presents like it was the first year I did it. I even cry when writing these blogs.  What a sap!  Maybe I just have really big tear ducts and they need to be purged more often.  I like that reasoning.

Well, it is Friday and my “zen” has yet to be started, so I am off to do laundry and pop in a great classic while I attend to my families clothing needs.  Will I need tissues is the question.  Nope! Not this time!  Sleepless in Seattle is just fun and silly and oh wait, she cries…..  Maybe I will go prepared.

My Sapiness is pretty much confined to my immediate family, and they thank me for that every day.


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