One Last Hour

I decided to write about an actual topic suggestion given by word press earlier in the year. If I had one hour to live, what would I do?

At first I couldn’t get past the fact that someone has just told me I had an hour to live. Was I kidnapped? Was I in the movie in a tunnel on a subway? I would definitely hit on Travolta and have a fling. Maybe I was poisoned. If so, well, I’m not doing anything except suffering I’m quite sure until my untimely death. Could it be 2012 coming true?

After I mulled over all of the ways I could get to this point, I sat and really thought about what I would do. I would find my husband and kiss him like the very first time we did almost 14 years ago. I would find all of my children and tell them everything that I love about them. I would probably make a few quick calls to some close friends just to say I love them.

Then, I would just hug the stuffing out of everyone with me, snuggle the dogs and even the rabbit and chickens too. If when the hour came and I died, I would leave happy. If, however I were to wake up and see that I was dreaming and I would still need to vacuum the bottom floor of the house and make brunch, study with Justin, clean Darien’s room and yell at everyone as they walk every where that I just cleaned with wet snow filled boots on…….I would be even happier.

Darien, a special moment

You could never do what you wanted to do in just one hour, but today I’m going to sit with my family, all together and pretend these days will last forever.


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