Saying goodbye

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Get Social, Never Say Goodbye Again

This is probably the hardest thing we as humans have to do.  Saying goodbye to anything, anyone as we go through our lives.  I’ve said goodbye as I am sure all of you have many times.

To my favorite toy when I was seven:  Daddy Long Legs.  We actually had a funeral service for her in my Aunt’s backyard, in her fire pit.  What a way to go.

To my new found cousins in Philadelphia when I was 14:  Getting over that took some time because I was loving row homes, cheese steaks and having friends and family right on the next stoop.  You didn’t have that in Florida, in the sticks, where I had lived before.

To my parents in Deltona when I was 18:  Ok, that wasn’t hard at all.  I was moving into my new apartment and could not have been more excited.  Plus I was only ten minutes or so away.  Dad brought me and the roomie some good stuff too… good times.

To my friends in Boca when I was 31ish:  That was probably the most scared I have been, but in the end, they came to visit and we still talk at random moments through new social mediums.  Very strange.

In fact, since that time, because of Social Media Platforms and the Technology of cell phones, I haven’t had to say goodbye anymore.  I’ve actually said hello much more often.  I’ve re-found classmates, teachers, friends and family that I haven’t talked to for many years.  I have embraced technology and all it has to offer.

I have figured out that I don’t need to go to a reunion, though a visit now and again is pretty cool too.  We send and receive pictures, movies and even Skype and chat every week.  I feel closer to people now, than ever before.  Thank you internet.  Thank you Social Networking.  Thank you to all those people out there that have also made the decision to ride the social train and get back together.

This Saturday I will be celebrating a birthday with a great local friend.  She is saying goodbye to an era in her life and hello to a new one.  May you never have to say goodbye to anything ever again and I hope you are saying hello to happiness in the years to come!

Pam and Sue, 2009



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