Heat Wars

Picture of Honeywell's iconic model T87 thermo...

The Weapon!

I wonder how many of you share this problem today. The war of the thermostat. I’m from Florida (always cold) and my husband is from Blauvelt (never cold). The summers don’t seem to be a problem because neither one of us like air conditioning very much, but winter is a different story.

We first begin arguing about November 1st. That’s when I begin to get chilly and he says wear a sweater. That usually lasts about a month until I threaten to stop cooking and waalah, the heat gets turned on. In the meantime I have begun using the wood stove regularly, baking myself silly in my favorite winter room.

This is when phase two of the heat war begins. I like it about 70 degrees. He, a cold and drafty 67. He would go to 65 if he knew that didn’t mean cutting off daddy fun time. I walk by each one and nudge em up a bit and he will certainly walk by later and move them back down.

This silent battle goes on until Spring, when I can finally open the windows and let the cool crisp air in. When that happens, I don’t get a second chance. He moves faster than a cheetah to the basement where the heat is officially retired until the next season of cold comes around.  Sometimes, I think we both try to stay up later than the other so we have the last laugh at the heat level for that night.

I really want a plastic box that covers the controls and a key. Is that too much to ask? Why is two or three degrees such a problem? Why should I have to wear my outer gear indoors just to feel warm? I am sure there will be no solution, just the annual war of the wall unit thermometers!


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3 Responses to Heat Wars

  1. Brandi says:

    LOL – Sounds like the heat wars in our house. We are both from Florida. But he HATES the cold. I’m beginning to hate the cold as well. But, the thermostat in our house is ALWAYS on 84 degrees, heat on. If I touch it, I get chastised. If I threaten no morning yumminess, I get shrugged at. LOL

    He wins that war, but forgets that I wash his underwear…bahahahahaha. I sense an evil plan coming on.

  2. Kim says:

    You would hate my house! 60 at night and 63 during the day, unless it’s really cold, then I’ll bump it up to a whopping 65!

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