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A Superbowl Favorite

It is upon us. That great four hours of what we hope will be mind blowing commercials. Superbowl Sunday means football and food and friends, but to a lot, it means babies who talk stocks, budweiser horses and even Betty White these days.

I thought I would pick my favorites from over the years. Now please remember that I am a girl, so my picks aren’t always going to be the beer commercials. I’ve been watching football since about 1972, and can still remember some of the greats from back then too. Here we go:

Budweiser “Frogs” (1995): Three frogs, perched on a log outside a bar, croaking, “Bud … Weis … Errrrrr.”

McDonald’s “The Showdown” (1993): Michael Jordan and Larry Bird engage in a physics-defying hoops-shooting contest for a Big Mac and fries.  I will always remember those words…”nothing but net”

The quarterback and the angel (1973): Farrah Fawcett lovingly spreads Noxzema shaving cream across Joe Namath‘s face in the first high-profile Super Bowl ad. This being the 1970s, nobody protests the obvious sexual innuendos.

“Mean” Joe Green drinks Coke … and the world cries (1980): After a tough game, the limping Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman tosses his jersey to a kid who gives him a Coke – the only Super Bowl commercial to inspire a feature-length TV movie, “The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid.” Seriously.  (for those that are going to whine, this did not actually premiere on a Super Bowl day, but most remember it for that year)

Honorable mentions: Pepsi “Apartment 10G” (1987); Pepsi “Diner” (1995); Pepsi “Sucked in” (1995); Mountain Dew “Bad Cheetah” (2000); Budweiser “Magic Fridge” (2006).

I found all of the above still mentioned and copied from many pages over the internet.  I chose them because I remember just remembering them for EVER.  If you make a commercial that good, it will make my tops.  One that I really liked from last year, but thought it wasn’t quite worthy was the “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.  Who knows, it might take the test of time and become a classic someday.

For a quick review of what Fox and most of America thought of last year’s, check out:

I can’t help but wonder what will come this year and I think one commercial will depend on who goes to the big game.  If the Steelers make it, look for a Polamalu round two.  If the Jets head there, maybe a Benny and the Jets remake.  For me, I will look for the babies.  Those wonderful Etrade marvels that never dissapoint. 


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