Swimsuits in January

I was doing a little surfing shopping today and found a common thread among all of the website stores: Summer is almost here. Wait a minute. I looked out my window and saw the two feet of snow on the ground outside of my office and looked at the outdoor thermometer….a very low 11 degrees. Summer?

Now I am all for warm weather and early Christmas shopping, but these stores have almost skipped Valentines Day and the love of Leprechauns. I cannot even imagine purchasing a swimsuit of any kind for about six weeks and when I finally am ready, I will bet the stores will be full blown pre-Halloween.

Is anyone out there with me on this? Why are we rushing everything these days? There will be plenty of time to sell all of your wares and plenty of people to buy them. I was told retailers do this to grab an edge, a head start or a lead on their competition. Well, it leaves me cold. I would much rather show up in sandals and shorts to buy my over-priced hide-the-flubbage bathing suit. Not boots and mittens where your hands are just too cold to try it on.

We won’t even get into the fact that we need this extra six weeks to make the futile effort to lose enough weight to go for the smaller, cuter sizes……yea yea.

I’m waiting until April this year. Can you? Make a stand and make them wait!


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One Response to Swimsuits in January

  1. ally says:

    Totally with ya sista! It’s crazy how quickly they move things along in the stores. I mean, at the very least they could wait until Punxsutawney Phil has made his decision about Spring for goodness sakes!

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