My Favorite Ways to Get By…

Grilled hot dogs

Grilled, Microwaved, Fried, Cold....With Mac or Without!

While stumbling along the other day and I really suggest you try it…I found some great ways to “get by” while times are tough.  Try them!  Thank you T-Bucket for some great tips!

T-Bucket’s Wacky Tips to Survive Being Broke in a Recession

I didn’t choose all of them, so you may notice that some numbers are missing in the list itself.  They either didn’t apply to me or I didn’t agree with them, so I edited the list.  Still a great list!

1. Put an egg in your Ramen (my son died laughing at this one)

2. Have sex ,a lot. It’s free and it feels really good if you do it right. Heck, it even feels good when you do it ‘wrong’. Also, you won’t need the heat as high, afterwards. (my husband winked at me for this one) 

4. Get rid of cable . It’s a rip-off, and there’s nothing on it worth a shit ,anyways. A good antenna will get you 15 -20 stations once we go HD in February. ($80 savings per month)

5. Oatmeal,instead of boxed cereals. Better for you and one/tenth the price  ($4 per box savings x 2 per month)  (I had never thought of this and being winter, a great idea.)

6. Get a “Magic Jack”, and never pay a phone bill ,again . I know you have a computer.($60 savings per month)  (We have one, love it, use it and save a ton.)

7. If it’s not at a Redbox for a $1, don’t go to Blockbuster. ( $4 per movie savings x 4 times a month)

9. You only have two feet, how many pairs of shoes do you really need? (just ignore this one…I mean…really?)

11. Chunky Soup got me through college,pretend you’re 18 again, and eat some Chunky Sirloin Burger

12. Dump the Gym membership. Last time my membership expired , they had to give me directions to the gym , so I could renew. 

13. It’s a great time to diet, and no one will know you’re really just plain ol’ starving

14. Invite friends over to play cards. You’ll reconnect , realize what’s most important, and all have a great evening

15. Beanie Weenies

16. Time to be a ‘coupon weirdo’ (sounds like a great blog idea)

17. Invite friends to your house. You don’t have to spend the gas to drive, and you can get as drunk as you want , since you’re already home. (anyone wanna come over?)

18. If you can’t pay cash, you can’t afford it. Cut up the cards.

19. Announce that your “going to let your hair grow out”, and save on haircuts for a few months ($20 x 3 months)

20. Do you really need a Caramel Machiatto? ($4 savings x 8 x per month)

21. Check out the dollar menus or kid’s menus and your fast food place. Hell, it’s more than likely a more proper portion. (I like this, yes I do)

22. Read, it’s cheap and you can escape the current realities (mmmhhmm…read read read!)

25. Volunteer at a shelter, you’ll know what poor is. (I have a few suggestions for you for this one…just ask me)

26. Beans are more than just a “musical fruit”. Beans /rice  have been helping poor people survive worldwide for centuries

27. Keep your sense of humor

28. Always remember that we’ll all survive

29. The job you said you’ d never lower yourself to do ,is the job someone else wishes and prays they had. (remember this one, remember it)

30. Suicide is not painless. It hurts all those who love  you

31. Shower together,hubba,hubba (yet another wink from Jarrod)

32. I always remember a quote from my momma ,when I was feeling down and realized we were  dirt poor,
” Baby, look outside.Them birds is still singin’, and they got no coat, no job, no roof over they head, no guarantee uh’duh next meal. They’s jus’ happy they’s breathin’.”


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3 Responses to My Favorite Ways to Get By…

  1. Brandi says:

    Yes – I am that weirdo that laughs out loud, snorting through her nose while her co workers stare at her with a “is she alright in the head?” look in their eyes. These were great!!

  2. wigsbabe says:

    haha! I loved them so much 🙂

  3. Magic Jack really really really? Does it really work? Please convince the husband at Superbowl and explain this to him.

    17 – You didn’t answer the door a little while ago!

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