The Music in Me

Hey Ya!


I had to compile music today into a playlist for a dinner and after I finished I thought I had better listen to my choices to make sure they were appropriate. I was doing paperwork, so it was easy to have it on in the background. I found myself getting absorbed in each song. I remembered when I heard each song when and where I was the first time I had heard it.

It was surreal.

I think my soul is bare right now from posting such inner feelings and stories of my life that the smallest things open a memory. I thought I would share some silly and powerful songs that played today:

Fast Cars: T. Chapman. This was the first song I could really play on the bass guitar. A proud moment in a really sucky musicians life.

Josh Groban: Every time I hear him sing I remember the incredible first time hearing him. Ally McBeal and she was his prom date. So believable in the moment and it propelled him to a great career. To Where you Are…You’re Still You.  Both give me shivers.

Smoke on the Water: Deep Purple.  I remember hearing this play when I got a new roommate and he COULD play guitar.  He taught me how to read a tab and I mastered this song too.  My two songs…it all started there…..then came RUSH!  YYZ!  Another story.

Someday Never Comes: Creedence. a song I would cry to over and over when I left my home and roommate and my guitar with him. I needed money to move and he had always loved my bass. Years later he would send me back my bass guitar and it is still with me.

I’m All Out of Love:  Air Supply. Who can forget this classic…do you remember when you heard it first? I do.  1980 and I was a freshie….and so wanted to go to this great big new highschool…never got the chance.  Moved and went back to MDB.  I listened to this with my stoop friends forever!

Breath(2AM): Anna Nalick.  I was working and this came on the radio.  Ive listened to it a hundred times ever since to calm me when I really needed to breath.

Chasing Cars: Snow Patrol.  This was the first song my son really liked.  I remember hearing it in my rental car in Seattle on a visit to see him play a double-header in soccer.  I had to pull over for about a half an hour after hearing it.

Do I Make You Proud:  Taylor Hicks.  He was my pick to win Idol from night one that year.  This song was his, written for him and I remember being so happy for him when I heard it. 

Free Your Mind:  En Vogue.  I was so empowered when I heard this one….I was trying to have a baby and I can remember playing this song very loud in 1992.

Hey Ya? Outkast:  Easy….snow sking trip with the nieces… the van….I can remember Darien was a baby and we kept singing…the whole way up…ready girls?  “shake it, sha shake it like a polaroid pictahhhh”

I Was Made For Lovin’ You:  Kiss.  Ok this had to come out of the dinner music mash-ups, but what a great song!  IRC, first video chatting and dancing to this on live wire…awesome!

Killing in The Name of…Rage Against The Machine:  Woodstock 1999.  Yes I was there…this song represented the weekend and I played the hell out of it.  The best riffs on the planet and if your really having a bad day and just need to express, play it and sing it loud.

No Air: Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown:  I remember I was alone cleaning and went to the receiver and turned this up so loud the pictures rocked off the walls.  I needed it that day and hearing it now brings me back to that day.

Home: Marc Broussard.  Kelly Clarkson concert and she sung a rendition of this song.  Nikon Theater, Jones Beach.  Jody had front row seats.  I was in the crowd.  Bitch.  I now play this song every time I tread on the mill baby.  It kicks your ass and gets you moving.  Just try it!  I dare you to play it twice while running on that tread.  You will want to and feel it the next day.

RUSH:  Anything and everything.  Highschool and beyond, right up to last summer, when my husband went to their latest tour and the year before, when we both went.  Incredible Bass player and talent beyond talent.  I want to come back as him!!!  

I need to go grab my bass.  I gently call him “My Mister”  I haven’t seriously played in 15 years, but have an amp and new strings, just in case I ever decide to play again.


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