10 Things…

This got started with Cupcakes and Catfood’s awesome post inspired by a blogger she reads! Wow. Then I read my inspiration’s blog, http://violetpumpernickel.wordpress.com/ and she did it too!  So, here I go.  I want all of you to know I really could have a list of 50 here, but have contained myself to the rules.

10 things you wish you could say to someone right now.

1.  I want to be your shoulder to cry on and don’t know how to get you to let me. 

2.  I will never be as strong as you are, but try every day to come as close as humanly possible.  It is hard to be a perfect model of strength.

3.  I absolutely love our “camp” nights and believe that is when we love each other the most.

4.  If I could have known you would hurt so many other children and women, I probably would have killed you when you hurt me as a child.

5.  I think you are more talented than you give yourself credit for, but need to get it together for yourself and your children.

5.  I am trying every day to find you to say how sorry I am for how you were treated in highschool and my part in it.  When I find you, I will say it ten fold.

6.  You all are making serious mistakes in judgement and I pray that you stop before we have to bury you too.

7.  You are going to run the world someday.  The world will really be a better place when you do.

8.  I never got to really know you, but can’t wait until the after life when I will.  Why couldn’t you have stopped drinking and smoking.

9.  If I could fix everything that went wrong in your lives as children, I would.  It is a dream of mine and number 1 on my bucket list to “be” there for all of you, when ever you want me to be.

10.  I am blessed to have you in my life making so many wishes come true, for those who truly deserve it. 

I will finish this wonderful task and I am so sorry I missed the last two days of blogging.  It was a weekend of hope, happiness, love, family and with these two days I will have many stories to blog about later.  The time off was worth it.


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2 Responses to 10 Things…

  1. Violet Pumpernickel says:

    Hugs xxoo This one was tough.

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