Eight Ways to My Heart…


I am looking forward to this one, even though yesterday I really wasn’t.  How do you tell your husband the ways to your heart when he thinks he is doing everything he should be doing in the marriage to keep it fresh and strong.  How do I do this without inciting an argument or making him just feel bad.  We are about to share our 13th Anniversary and have been together almost 15 years.  By this time, he had better already know the way to my heart.  Maybe this will remind him what he could do to get back to those dating days.  You know it might do him and me some good after all.

I too am really glad that Violet Pumpernickel is doing the same Meme on her blog. To answer you Cupcake…..I’m on a roll now! Day three…

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

  1. Buy M&M’s and pick out the blue ones and surprise me with those only.
  2. Do the dishes.  Yes, married ladies love this, trust me.
  3. Buy me flowers for no reason at all.  Daisies are my favorite if you didn’t know.
  4. Never apologize via text message, but please apologize when you’ve been a jerk.
  5. Never ever do the laundry, but hit the laundry shoot with the dirty stuff.
  6. Surprise me with a date somewhere. 
  7. Let me be your shoulder but not your punching bag.
  8. Keep me laughing with goofy jokes and stories that I’ve heard 22 times already.  I still love them all, because you are telling them.

I can’t complete this exercise without telling you all that we don’t have the normal marriage.  We work together eight hours a day, play together and run every facet of our lives together.  This makes any marriage hard to manage, but we do it pretty well.  We don’t always agree, but then who does.  What we are is a pretty good team.  We put our family first and every thing else second.  Our eight ways is about forty-eight and I too have to work on what is good for him as well.  I think I know what his eight would be. (giggle)


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2 Responses to Eight Ways to My Heart…

  1. You’re not alone–many people who have been married for a while go through this. So, I do my best to remind couples to keep it fresh by spicing things up as often as possible.

  2. This was hard and my honey asked me straight out if these were hints. It’s opened up some dialogue this week that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. It’s a good thing! xxoo

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