Six Things I Wish I’d Never Done…..

The Reflecting Pool was restored during the 20...

"The Reflecting Pool"

Now reading others blogs going through this course of writings had made me think about hind sight and changing the outcome of your life if you had done something different.  I still wish I had done some things differently in my younger years, not so much now.

1.  High School.  There was a classmate and every year she was really treated badly.  I do realize that she often sought out attention directly to her bullies, but that should not give us the excuse to treat her the way we did.  Our school system was very small and this did NOT go un-noticed and should have been stopped.  For me, I just stood there most times and just did nothing or laughed.  It was shameful.  I can even recall a time when I actually threw a basketball at her in the gym.  I joined in.  To even think I did that now hurts me that I could hurt someone else.  I have tried many times to find her to no avail.  I am so sorry and this is the foremost thing I wish I had never done.  Never.  If we would have shown her compassion instead, maybe her life would have been better. 

2.  I so wish I would have never kept quiet about the abuse I suffered as a child by two of my relatives and a school staff member.  If I would have said something, maybe all of them would have suffered consequences to the point that would have made them stop what they were doing to young women.  It’s very hard, I know to come forward when you are being threatened and at an age of 12-15 years old.  I still wish I had never kept quiet.

3.  I SO wish I had never sold all of the great old records that I had growing up.  Those vinyl’s would certainly be worth a bundle now.  Those football trading cards that I used to play the card game “football”.  I cannot even imagine what they would be worth today.  All of the great toys and dolls and games that are now called “vintage” and collectors, collect.  Yup, I wish I had never sold them.

4.  I wish I had never skipped out on what would be my very best friend when I was young and 18 and stupid.  I thought I was “in love” and left our apartment to marry him.  This was the first step in a staircase of many broken moves.  The largest regret was leaving her holding the bag of that cost and pressure.  I’m still really sorry for that and wish I was as wise as she was then.  Sheri, there isn’t a time in our lives that I don’t regret that move. I treasure that you still cared for me and didn’t leave our friendship hanging.  I love you.

5.  I wish I had never cashed in that first 401k policy to take that great vacation.  I wonder what that would be worth now?  Man, are we stupid when we are young!  Thank goodness I grew up and think about that first now and vacations second….except for that vacation I just booked with a certain Otter.

6.  I wish I had never taken those sneakers when I was five years old.  As cute as it may seem.  I hid them under my dress to get out of the store after my mother told me I couldn’t get them.  I was very plump when I got to the car and she found them under my tresses.  My mother marched me back in,  had me give them back and forced me to apologize.  That was nothing compared to what I got when I got home.  I remember that very vividly as a child.  I really wish I had never done that.

I know that we go through everything in our lives for a reason, but there were just some things that had no reason in them for me.  There is no place for bullying.  There is no place for ditching great friends.  There is no place for abuse.  There is always room for your stuff.  Please kids, my college and highschool age humanoids reading this: Save Your Stuff.  You will have one less regret.

Ok, I think I need a drink now.  Something strong and tall!


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