Five People Who Mean Alot…in no order whatsoever…

Finally!  A day where I can celebrate stuff!  I am excited but yet, some worry creeps in.  There are way more than five people.  There are more than five groups.  There are about five tons of people.  How in the world can I encompass everyone that I have sincere feelings about.  I feel you know.  If you haven’t guessed or read yet, I’m a sap and I feel deeply, way to often about stuff.  People are included here, even four-legged ones.  I will do my best:

1.  Without a doubt, my family.  My husband, children, pets and all of my extended loved ones.  These are the folks I get mad at the most and love the most, by far.

2.  Everyone at the Make A Wish Foundation.  You gave my daughter a second look at life and a reason that she was here.  To inspire and help others as you do.  Thank you for continuing to be there for my family and just being my dear friends with shared passions.

3.  Sheri.  Naming my first-born isn’t enough to tell you what you mean to me.  You were my first close friend who will forever be my confidant and simple treasure in life.  You really do exemplify everything good and wise and everyone should be lucky enough to have you in their lives.

4.  All of my physicians who struggle to keep my engines going.  I know I am a difficult patient to manage, but you guys are doing it so great and I would not know what to do without all of you.

5.  My dearest friends.  I wish I could list them all here.  You know who you are.  You mean the world to me in different ways.  Some I go racing with and others I only see once every few years.  A few I am lucky enough to see every week and for each one of you, I am proud to call you my friends. 

As you have noticed, I did five groups instead of people.  I could not even imagine just five people who mean a lot to me.  I wish I could list each one of you.  This may seem strange, but there is one four-legged friend that helped me through some very hard times and is now gone.  Derenger, my man, I miss you and hope that you always knew how much you meant to me.


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