Four Turn Off’s…

As I tried to sleep last night, I thought about things that I wish I hadn’t done right before I went to bed or had done better and thought, wow, that probably is a major turn off to some people, even me.  So there I was thinking about today’s assignment for far too long until I woke this morning, with list ready.

1.  Liars or Lying.  I’ve spent a large part of my life with people who lie.  They have habits that create lies and therefore spew them like I do words of sap.  I can read people like a book and most times can spot a liar a mile away.  That’s probably why I have no clue how to lie without a smile on my face or my eye twitching.  It is just impossible.  I’ve watched so many people lie and then forget what they have said then they lie a different lie, it must be exhausting.   Now this doesn’t count if you are telling your friend that they look great when there is a piece of food in their teeth.

2.  People (mostly girls) who constantly say the word, “like”.  It is so obnoxious and annoying and is really dumbing down that generation.  We need a new word, please, anything, like now!

3.  Swearing more than a truck driver, even more so if it’s by a “woman”.  Now even I swear, and do my share, but there are some people who throw bombs out there every other word.  There really is a time and place for every word, but when you go overboard, it is a turn off.  I’m still struggling about why the younger generation thinks that the most hurtful words that describe them are so AWESOME to use when they are talking about themselves.  I was recently out to a bar and there were two groups of younger women there.  One group was dressed in the short skirt with leggings look and drinking and talking like seasoned truck drivers, pointing out there Vaj’j-j’s and calling themselves names that I would never want anyone else to call me and laughing about it.  There was a second group of young women, sitting there having drinks and just giggling and talking, dressed the same, just not being vulgar.  Every single man in the club skipped the ugly speaking girls and went directly to the girls with class, that exuded confidence about themselves in a way that was not full of nasty vulgarity.  The men that approached neither, laughed at the set of women who were oblivious to their own actions.   If that is the way our young women feel they need to act to have fun, we are failing at teaching them.  Have pride in yourselves and leave the vulgar truck mouths to your bathrooms.  and Men? Leave the potty talk out of the bedroom…ughghghghghghghghghghghgh!

4.  A dirty car.  Now this was for when I was single, because each one of my six cars is dirty, except for my son’s, whose is pristine.  There is now french fries and smelly socks along with dog hair and coke cans inside every vehicle.  But when it mattered most, your car spoke a lot about how you took care of YOU.  When I met my husband, Jarrod, his truck was immaculate.  You were not allowed to drink in it and it was forbidden to even the dirty shoe.  Then he met me and my kids and we got pets and another child.  No more do we see the floors of the cars now.  Ahh, the only day we get that great smell of cleanliness is the day we buy a new one.  My van is being traded in soon, so we are looking forward to that day.

My Bear...

Cant I just say one turn on?  Please?….Isn’t that on the list?  I’m doing it anyway.  I love a really big, hairy chest and back…..ggrrrralicious!  Hugging my bear every time I can and getting a curly hair in the eye makes my day.  Never ever wax it baby, keep that sweater on! xoxoxoxoxo 

Ok, moving on until tomorrow….


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