Three Turn Ons…

A photograph promoting the film Jailhouse Rock...

A good Elvis day...

After a weekend off to celebrate a concert and Super Bowl, I come back ready to purge secrets inside of my soul and I see the next step. Well now, it’s another nice post topic.  All of these surround my gorgeous husband, of course and I am ready to get the juices flowing:

Look at That face...

1.  We are both complete opposites, yet meld together and we do share one thing, which is a turn on for both of us:  Racing!  We can both sit beside a track or in our living room and berate those drivers who cheat, yell at our driver that isn’t quite performing his best…(because he isn’t cheating) and laughing and high-fiving each other when the bad dudes wreck.  Sharing a passion like this, a strong one is a real turn on.  I think if we rooted for different drivers, it would probably be a deal breaker.

2.  Big and Hairy features.  Love everything about my big Bear.  When I see the little curls pop out of his collar, I smile.  His Five-O’clock makes my lips burn like a road rash and we joke that he would like some of that on top of his head.  Personally, I like him just the way he is.  Every little part. 

3.  He has to make me laugh and boy he does.  My husband tells the best stories from yonder years that will make you laugh like never before.  Then he forgets that he has told you the story and tells you again, which makes it even funnier.  When we go to bed most nights, before I begin my ritual of trying to get to sleep, we usually talk for a bit.  We call this time “Camp Jarrod”.  Sometimes it seems we talk forever about everything that we are thinking about, television shows, the days happenings or even funnier, our children and family.  I know you are going…  It’s yet another “you have to be there” moment in our life because we morph into 12 year olds during this time and are silly and stupid and laugh and sometimes have to force each other to actually go to sleep.

In general, there is only one thing that turns me on really.  Jarrod.  Well, see?  That’s not completely true as my eye twitches while typing.  Girard Butler, Tony Stewart, Adam Levine and Elvis all make my toes curl a wee bit, but I only dance with one.

I love You honey and guess what, it’s almost February 20th and Daytona is coming…


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One Response to Three Turn Ons…

  1. Brandi says:

    “Every little part.” <– is that subliminal message? 😉 J/K

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