The Scariest Movie Ever

Easy right? I’m sure everyone out there can think of their scary movie moments.  Mine was when I was a Freshman in high school.  1980. I was alone, in the dark and watching this movie that I was not supposed to be watching. It quite frankly scared the shit out of me and I didn’t sleep a full night for days. If you were here with me now, in person, we would inevitably begin playing twenty questions to get to the a title of the film, but since we can’t do that, I will just spit it out.

The Shining

The Shining Moment of Terror

Quite remarkably the most remembered line of that year and probably of many dreams after watching it as well.  For me, I had a new favorite actor and creator of films too.  Kubrick.  I would begin to watch everything he made throughout my life and sadly, because of his death, we will have no more.
As a seasoned grown up, I share my love of movies with my children and family and I felt it was time they experienced a true scare fest.  I invited my three oldest nieces and my oldest daughter, who were close to my age of 14, when I first watched The Shining.  I told them we were going to have a movie night and got the room really cozy, made snacks and turned the lights down low.
That night there were shrill squeals coming every few moments, faces hidden by pillows and popcorn thrown in the air at the very moment he says…..
“Here’s Johnny!” 
 They asked repeatedly what was coming next and I just sat and grinned and giggled my way for two hours of pure pleasure!  The wonderful holy crap moments of the night brought them to their closed eyed “knees” and helped them forge a future into watching horror movies today!  Yes, I am taking full credit for it.  Simply because all of their friends want to go means nothing. 🙂  I miss the really well made scary films and I find it hard to find one that can really compete with the heart pounding Shining where you are compelled to shout “run” a thousand times at the top of your lungs.
My nieces are all grown up now, two in college and one headed there so quickly and those days of fun nights have come to an end as they have their own lives.  But I see through their messages that they are carrying on the traditions of seeing scary films all the time.  Maybe I really did have something to do with that.  Maybe I just scared the holiness out of them and they are scarred for life.  All I know is that was one of the best times I had with my nieces that I can remember. Thank you Stanley Kubrick.

Watch the Trailer and Wet Your Pants


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3 Responses to The Scariest Movie Ever

  1. gillygator says:

    Ever read the book? Might be even scarier than the movie. the Shining is by far the BEST adaptation of a Stephen King Novel to the big screen!

    Original Nightmare on Elm Street was pretty good too, good mix of kitsch, horror and humor.

    • wigsbabe says:

      I’m going to read it now, for sure. I need a great scare! I loved all the 1st’s in the series films and the seconds and thirds make me yawn. The Excorcist and probably The Omen are my next two favorites.

  2. The Exorcist scared the crap out of me. I never saw it in the theatre – but heard the crazy noises coming from my mother’s room when it was played on tv. Oh – MY – GOSH! I couldn’t watch it until I was 21 – sat myself down – and watched the damn thing just so I could get past it!

    The Shining was amazing! Loved the book, though. Go to the Hilton, at night, in PR after it’s snowed and it looks like that Hotel – scary

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