The Love Letter…


I have been thinking about how to tell you this for months. At first I thought I would just run up to you and say it. Then I actually considered just kissing you, cutting right to the chase. The thing is, we’re friends. Not only that but we’ve only started to get really close recently. I love it. I love being your friend, I love texting you, talking to you on the phone and I love seeing your face. But, the problem is, I may love you. I really want to tell you, see your face and have you say it back. But, what if you don’t? What if you just look at me with the blank stare you’ve spent your entire life perfecting? What if you reject me? What if it ruins everything we’ve gained over the last year. What if it ruins us?

I want to tell you so badly, but I don’t want to risk losing you. So I’m going to tell you here. I’ll tell the world instead.

I love you.

I came across this great letter the other day and thought it would represent strength for those that might be spending the Valentine “excuse to eat all the chocolate you want” Day without a significant other.  If you have a certain someone, have you written them a love note lately?  Posted a note on a medicine cabinet or just “made” them a card? 

My husband, who is not normally a true romantic, does a really great job at one thing.  Picking out great cards for special occasions and let me tell you, he takes his time.  The women next to him dream of having a hubby like him picking card after card for a day like Valentines.  He doesn’t just get one from him either.  He picks one from  the kids and the pets too.  I usually get about five cards for anything special that rolls around.  I keep them only because I know he just spent about 45 minutes (I’m TOTALLY not kidding) in the aisles choosing them.

A brief thought on the subject of love and life.

A Brief Thought...


I’m putting this out there: We should all take the time to make each other feel special.  Get your Lovie something you know they want and spend some serious time finding that special card.  Even better, do what I’m going to do: make him one.  I have some great artistic help, so I have a leg up.  I have a seven-year old daughter.  She loves to cut, paste and make cards.  Ask any one of the masses of people she has made one for so far.  My card should be the bomb with her help. 

If you don’t have that special person?  I bet you do have someone who you do care about, maybe even one that too isn’t spending it with their Lovie.  Make or buy them a card.  Yes they do have “friend” cards that are really cool and just think about how it would make your day getting one that you could place on your desk or dresser.  It would be a great trend.


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3 Responses to The Love Letter…

  1. ally says:

    LOVE it! And you 🙂 xox

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