The Weekend That I Went Without….

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.

I missed you!

I decided to try something.  While reading a few posts and tweets about social networking overload and having an eye that was twitching constantly, I thought that maybe I was suffering with some overload myself.  I knew it would be a tremendous task to say the least, but was at the least, willing to try. I was going to go….old school.  No technology.  No social media.  No Blackberry.  I had lost my mind.

Beginning at 11:00 pm on Friday, I closed the computer, the blackberry and all electronic accessories that usually go with me, such as the Ipod and Ipad, Laptop, etc.  The only allowance I would allow myself would be the television.  After all, Egypt was going through a revolution and I could not and did not want to miss the first week of racing either.  Hey, Im not a saint.

For those of you that REALLY know me, this was really hard at first.  I kept my blackberry near me, in case of a telephone call from a family member in need, but the ever buzzing and blinking berry was a constant reminder of what I was NOT doing for 60 plus hours.    I went shopping for Valentines day for the hubby and got the toes done for me.  That helped a bit.

Of course I didn’t sleep.  I don’t know why I thought that would change, but it didn’t.  I sat up the first night watching The Last Song with Miley Cyrus at 3:30 am and was crying my eyes out for the last hour.  Went back to sleep at about 6:00 am and woke at 9ish to a Saturday morning of a new ME!  While Darien went to her tennis lesson, I sewed her the two pillows I have meant to do for three months, complete with my little nametags on them.  She loved them so much that she asked me to take her to the linen store to buy more fabric to make more next weekend.

I listened to my son, who is learning to play the bass and realized he was doing pretty well.  I also listened to my littlest as she sang in the other room to her Dance Revolution Wii game and realized, she has a pretty good voice.  I took a well needed nap and at 4ish welcomed a sleep over participant.  Little would I realize that these two would keep me up until 3:00 am Sunday morning. 

After watching racing that night and struggling with all of my might not to grab my BB, I tucked the girls in to bed. HAH!  I tucked them into their play land. 🙂  I listened again to both create ghost stories, girl stories and just play for hours.  I scolded at 1:00 am as Darien asked for Ipods and Ipads and laughed and she snuck by me at 2:00 am with her partner in crime to get crayons and blank pages.  It was about an hour later that the giggling finally stopped and I was allowed to close my eyes.

Sunday.  I read all day.  500 pages of total bliss.  Only disturbed by the thumping of the bass from above, the jumping of a dog on my pages along with a occassional interruption of zen to complete the circle of triumph!  I caught updates of a revolution and glimpes of qualifying for the Daytona 500.  I read pages through the Grammy’s and finally at midnight, when I really could have checked my phone, I crawled into bed, tired and went to sleep.

I woke today to flowers from Ja, with four cards, all from the family and pets and I quickly packed up my gifts to him.  I did it.  I made it through the long hours and it was actually really nice.  I did two things that I don’t do as much as I like too.  I cooked and I sewed.  I took a nap and I listened more.  I think or rather I know that my ears turn off when I am tweeting or checking/changing my status and it was pretty special to hear Smooth Criminal coming from upstairs and a little Rhianna from Darien’s mouth.  Wait, is that a good thing? 🙂

I would not let Jarrod check me into the Grammy’s to get a badge on Foursquare!  That was almost when I crashed and burned.  But I did it.  My eye is not twitching and I feel cleansed.  I had 104 emails, 34 text messages, missed a potential play date Saturday afternoon and two Skype’s from my parents.  I have three new followers on Twitter and so much to catch up on with Facebook.  Maybe I won’t catch up completely. 

What was the hardest you ask?  Not knowing what all of YOU were up to!  I really do love hearing about what my friends and family are up to.  Seeing picture postings, words of wisdom that I can take with me throughout that particular day or if you are having a bad day, rebounding your words with some words of comfort if its possible.  I felt disconnected as I re-connected with me.  Pretty strange how comfortable we have become with being a social part of everyone’s existence.  I know now that I do “feel” for each one of you guys!

I have made a decision.  I am going to spend every Saturday without social media for a little while.  I loved sewing and just listening to the little things.  Wish me luck.


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2 Responses to The Weekend That I Went Without….

  1. The Dreamer says:

    Hey, I can imagine just how you may’ve felt there with getting away from the “technomedia trap”!
    My phone and I were once conjoined twins, but since the operation to remove “it” from my side, I have found more time for reading, writing and other hobbies!
    My laptop and I no longer have dinner together… even FB has been snubbed a little, which gives me more time to actually be with my friends – in person!
    I feel much more alive and invigorated! 🙂

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