I Do Perfect Hearts…

Have I mentioned lately that I love my kids?  I’m sure I have in my writings, but I bet there are still some things that you don’t know about them.  Since we are in a week of love, I thought I would share more characteristics and things that just make them cool and lovable:

Jordan.  We know she has the strength to beat all but she also never gives up.  She recently worked for two days putting together a huge round puzzle ball well after I would have given up.  She still loves to color and takes her time creating wonderful works of art.  She sips a mixed drink for three hours and loves a good cartoon.  She tweets, and Hulu‘s too!

Justin.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is refreshing.  He plopped up the stairs today from school and gave me a hug and a kiss right in front of a new intern at our company.  Why is this so cool?  The intern goes to his school, is a senior and is a girl.  He still didn’t hesitate.  He wears pink, which he expresses is light red and is a total mush.  He get’s lost in his video games and squeals.  Its hysterical.

Darien.  Besides being gorgeous and silly, she can make you melt with just a few words.  She is creative and funny and drops a one-liner like she planned it for days.  She is willing to help carry a hammer and then sit next to you while you work on a project, just to keep you company.  Her ability to protect her older sister is really impressive as is her will to box her older brother and run.  Its pretty awesome.

What did they do today to make me smile?

Cinnamon roll as produced by cinnabon

A Tasty Treat..Cinnabon


Jordan asked me if I called in my medicine and then told me she got a raise at work.  Justin brought me a Cinnabon and used his own money to get it.  Darien?  She told me:

“Mom, you make perfect hearts.”

I melted.


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  1. ally says:

    love it! xoxoxo

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