Celery seeds

Celery Seeds...

This Fall, I was in need of a quick 30 day cleanse and found that I liked so many parts of the new way of eating, that I kept a few eating habits long after the thirty days had passed.

I went Vegan. I knew it would be hard and when I started, my body was already in turmoil, but the new diet wasn’t that bad.  For those that don’t know, Vegans are vegetarians that take it one step further. They don’t eat anything that comes “from” an animal, so eggs and dairy are also a no-no. I’m not a milk person, so most of that part didn’t bother me either.  I will say when I passed it by my doctors, they suggested eating one egg per day, boiled just to make sure I was getting protein.  For most of the days, I did.  There were some days that I really just didn’t see the need.

What I loved the most about being Vegan were the soups that I made every day and avocados. I snacked on celery and peanut butter and ate almonds and pistachios. I didn’t miss meat much at all, however pasta and breads are another story. I’m a large consumer of bagels, toast, and the bad carbs and it hit me hard. I still cooked those foods for the rest of the family, who supported my efforts but were not partaking in the new regimen.

After the thirty days and a few cheats here and there, the cleanse was finished. Three months later I still find myself eating soups, craving avocado  and eating them often and clearing the kitchen of all the celery and peanut butter. I eat a lot more grilled vegetables for dinners and lunches and when I go out, I really enjoy a good salad. I’m also 26 pounds lighter and eat less pasta and breads than ever before.

My Favorite Food

For reasons that I will blog about later, eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables does such a number on me.  So much so that I’m not allowed to eat them very much, so I grill, boil or stock em in a pot to get my favorite foods. Even then, too much of a good thing is bad. That’s when I go white. White rice and potatoes matzoh or crackers. When that doesn’t cure, I just stop eating for a few days and medicate.  

I’m doing it again too, as soon as Spring hits, I will go Vegan once more.  This time I’m going to go for sixty days.  I’m still going to eat the egg a day for my doctor, but with so many options out there now for vegans, I’m actually looking forward to it.

Find a local farm market and just go exploring.  Thats how I found out how many things are out there that you can substitute for what you were used to eating and for new things to try.  I like coconut milk on a rare occasion and cook beets like there are going out of style.  There are even Apple Chips and butters that will make your mouth water.  Best of all is that you will be healthier without all the saturated fats and carbs that is making all of us obese. 

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