When the Jetsons Were Awesome and The Shore was Still just The Shore

Just when was this time?  1984 I’d say.  I had graduated high school and where I lived, the beaches were where it was at.  There was Daytona and New Smyrna for me.  They were fairly close to home and you could still cruise with your cars.  That made the beaches great.  The girls went early in groups, set up their “area” and got ready for the trollers to come.

New Smyrna Beach


The young men would start driving their cars around 1pm, if they were cool and here is how they would rank:

4 per car:  The car was a clunker and they all chipped in for gas

2 per car: The car was nicer, maybe used and one of the young men wasn’t very cute.  I bet he paid for the gas.

1 in a car: The car was a cruiser, hot and the driver was even hotter and knew he wasn’t going to share HIS space with any other dude.

Daytona Beach


They all had shades that were impervious to view by others called Aviators, by Ray Ban, so we always had to be laying or sitting in the perfect position because you just “never knew” if they were looking at you!  That was the hardest part.  The other issue was the other really hot girls that were not simply “laying” in their designated area.  Oh no, they were doing the fated “walk”.  Now that just wasn’t fair at all.  Bodies to make all of us go to shame and then flaunting it shamelessly in those high hipped suits so that the really cute guys didn’t even look into your direction.

Beachy Babes Pre Hip Hugging Suits!

There was a lot less drinking back then and much less to actually get in trouble with on the beaches too.  It was simply a lot of younger people ogling at each other.  For  a few of us, watching people, their bikes and their cars was a true highlight as well.  We would count how many times the cuties would troll by before they would actually find a spot of their own and secretly hope it might actually be near us. 

I don’t remember such vulgarness, if I may create a word there as there is today at the beaches, and I really do miss those times where we were all innocent in so many things.  No bills, worries, children and not many mistakes had been made yet.  We were all so green in knowledge and lucky young women and gents who had NO idea what was coming our way.

Guess what we brought to the beach?  A book, sunglasses, a cooler, some smokes and a towel.  We never looked down to tweet about the great looking guys or call someone to let them know what was headed their way.  We didn’t have larger than life characters like Snooki and “The Situation” who were so over the top into alcohol, lapses in judgement and rampant sexual activities.  Im definitely not saying we were perfect, but I could never imagine those limits crossed  when I was “on the beach”.  We just layed there taking it all in. 

Maybe I am just lucky that our Media frenzy was yet to be and those characters played out on the sidelines, in the outer limits of the zip code.  My family still goes to the shore almost every year now and the change is remarkable.  Even a local visit to the shores in Florida met drastic changes.  Many beaches no longer allow cruising and many of the places I used to visit?  Private now because a hotel or condominium is there and that beach is no longer public.  I will always have my memories and photos and will let my children go to the beaches, accompanied and for Darien, in sweats, of course.  😉


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