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Photographs From My Mind

Do you ever had a memory that you can think of almost immediately as if it was a photograph, but just in your mind?  I have a few of those, both good and bad.  The very best memories seem to … Continue reading

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Alye Pollack – I Empathize – I Like You

Today was an easy blog.  I need to share with you a young woman who is hurting and needs your support.  She represents thousands upon thousands of young people who are going through the same hurt and bullying everywhere today.  … Continue reading

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Surviving the Nail… (two pictures are post operative)

This one particular post is NOT for the weak of stomach and faint of heart.  It is a story, however of survival of the fittest!  The summer of 2009, I was having dinner with friends and my oldest daughter and … Continue reading

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Is there a crack in my mind, or is it a Matrix?

I think there might be a Matrix.  I’ve sat up nights recently wondering if I’m all there.  I’ve stared at the palm of my hands wondering what I am.  I catch myself covering my ears to news that I just don’t want to hear.  … Continue reading

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The Family Tree

My recent time spent with close family has brought me to looking at my family tree again.  If you have never researched where you family has come from, you really should.  My journey over the past six years has been … Continue reading

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Von Willebrand Disease

If you clicked to read this you either have the disorder or can’t figure out what it is. It’s a pain, that’s what. It is the name of a disorder in your blood where your platelets don’t clot like they are supposed to. The … Continue reading

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The Weekend that was…a tough one

It’s taken me a few days to absorb this past weekend and I hope I won’t forget too much along the way.  Go grab a cup of coffee and a snack and join me on a journey of hope, happiness … Continue reading

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The Corporate Duality Syndrome

Like that title?  I thought it sounded really intelligent!  Looking at it brings a knot in my stomach because the duality of corporate life and friendship has become to the forefront in my life recently.  With the many ways to be connected in both … Continue reading

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The Last Bridge: A review and look into my soul

If you are a tweeter, then you know that I was reading a new author, Teri Coyne this Sunday and promised to tell you how I liked her this week.  It is still hard for me to even write some … Continue reading

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When the hubby is away….all hell breaks loose

You think I’m kidding don’t you.  I wasn’t even going to blog this week because my plate is really full with family and business and the hubby was going out-of-town for a few days.  I should have known it would not … Continue reading

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