Dog Hair…I should make a coat

I have a problem.  I’m sure there are  a lot of us who have this same dilemma.  For pet lovers, especially dogs, you cannot escape the dreaded dog hair.  It really does not matter how much you vacuum or dust or do the laundry.  You will still have dog hair.

See, you can do it!

I have two pups as you know, and they leave so much hair I get the lovely tumble weeds that go rolling to the side boards of each room.  I laugh and talk to myself in a western accent when I suck em’ up each week.  It makes the chore of vacuuming a bit more fun because I actually have to hunt under all the furniture to find them.

I find hair tufts in places that I still wonder how they got there.  How does one find its way into a cabinet? Or in the back of a clothing closet?  Or better yet, in the fireplace, which has a door to seal it shut?  They are tricky little suckers and can find their hiding spaces with ease.

I will never forget cleaning the entire downstairs only to fluff the curtains.  Big mistake.  I’ve never seen so much hair come flying out at any one time before.  Then we have our jackets, hats, sweaters and over all clothing that no matter what we do or how much we use “the roller” or the “tape”, the hair remains to laugh at us.

Some days we complain so much that we swear we will never get another dog again and imagine the days of no dirt, hair balls or fluffs in the air when Maggie does the indoor, just gotta shake it all out right now, shake.  Then later that night, one of them is sure to plop on our lap, lick a cheek and begin to snore within seconds.  You are so humbled by their utter cuteness, that you know you will fight the fight for many years to come.

So, I have succumbed to the fact that we will send all of our friends off with a little of Mags and B every time they visit and with those visits come a quick apology of said hair that will surely follow them home.  I still use the roller, tape, vacuum to try to keep up and then swipe off everyone’s clothes when they get up off a carpeted floor after playing with the dog.  I really could have made a coat if I collected it all.

I cannot even imagine the hair tufts..


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