A Flood of Words…

This week has been an interesting week.  I took a break from writing for a Winter vacation and upon my return only wrote one time.  This was not due to a plethora of topics, mind you.  There are so many things I will be writing about including:

  • Yes, Charlie Sheen
  • Children in America who are starving
  • Recipes to Die for from some local Chefs
  • A religious organization, free speech and lack of empathy
  • Corporate life when it involves friendships
  • Nose rings in bears – mmhhmm, you heard me
  • Libya
  • College searches and how difficult the process is or is it
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Photographic moments from my mind

These are just a few “splinters in my brain” right now.  I am borrowing that great line from a great author, Jodi Picoult, who I met today and realized being controversial isn’t wrong as long as you handle yourself and your views in ways that do not hurt others.  Her splinters are her ideas that won’t let her be until she pens them into a book.  I applaud her for not being afraid to speak her mind and for her friends and family who stand by her while she does.

Me, my good friend Carrie, and Jodi Picoult

For now, I won’t be penning as I have important family matters to tend to that will take me on a road trip to see three loving elders in my family, maybe for the last time.  I am going to keep a journal of my feelings and events as I go along those three days and share them when I return.

Until then, let me leave you with some great things that happened over the weekend, because undoubtably when I return, the writings will not be as happy, though refreshing, maybe.

There were four great things that all happened in such a short amount of time.  Our local fire company held a dinner to raise funds for their auxiliary and their causes they support.  A local church held a spaghetti dinner by their young members of the church where they raised over $700 to go to children in our community.  On the very same night, a local COOP Preschool held their annual Mardi Gras fundraiser to help them make it another year and the room was packed.  Then there was the Penguin Plunge where a lot of people got really cold to help a family who really needs it. 

Probably the happiest news and the very best thing that happened was hearing that a dear friends husband will be coming home from a seven month ordeal in the hospital on Tuesday.  And…and…her next door neighbor and good friends daughter just received a wish through my chapter of Make A Wish.  I would say, all in all, a great few days of the community reaching out to do great things.

Though not in my community, another community in Peekskill did another great thing this weekend.  They held an art show.  Not your typical show.  This show embodied a man who wrote a journal and drew pictures about the time he spent in prison.  The artist began his healing and journey of recovery through this process and his friends, past teachers and so many more made it a “breathe only” room as we shared in his pain and hope to climb a very tall hill to self discovery. 

Moses Pabon, Artist


 This show runs the entire month of March, and I would suggest you visit and see inside Moe. 

I can only imagine what other communities were doing this weekend to help others. 

Knowing this will make some of my other notes to come easier to swallow.


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2 Responses to A Flood of Words…

  1. Emlyn Chand says:

    How great that you got to meet Jodi! I’m glad she’s inspired your writing. She’s inspired mine a great deal too. Thanks for the reference. Keep writing 🙂

  2. wigsbabe says:

    We are really lucky to have a very involved book store that attracts wonderful authors quite often. If she comes your way with this book tour, grab a seat. The book comes with a CD as well, that she suggests you play each track before reading that part of the book. Jodi is bringing Ellen, the co-creator and musician and she plays three of the pieces from the CD after Jodi speaks about the main character. Its a really different take on meeting an author. Thank you for reading me 🙂

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