When the hubby is away….all hell breaks loose

You think I’m kidding don’t you.  I wasn’t even going to blog this week because my plate is really full with family and business and the hubby was going out-of-town for a few days.  I should have known it would not be that easy.  It never is.  Whenever Jarrod heads out-of-town, something “HAPPENS”

You think it's this easy....oh no...

Case and point:  The first trip he took after we got married, our first dog got run over by a car and was killed.

The second time he went, all the storms in the country came right here to our town and all the fuses blew and I was stuck with no electric for days.

It never fails that the minute he drives out of the driveway and hops on to a plane, the Esposito household and people around us have issues.  Not simple ones either! 

One trip, I was pregnant with Darien, like really pregnant and do you remember that lovely blackout across the country when we all went dark?  Yup, Jarrod was traveling.  My niece came over and kept me company during that whole time because my two younger children were in Florida at the time on their summer vacation with their dad.  I could sit here all day and go over the emergent things that happen ONLY when Jarrod leaves.  It is actually comical, unless you are me, now, today.  Ok, it’s still kinda funny.

So, back to today.  Jarrod leaves at 3:30 am for an early flight out and won’t be home until Thursday and it begins.  First, both dogs seem to be pacing.  At about 6:00 am, they need to go out, so I oblige and get up, feed them and let them go do their thing.  I make a coffee, grab my morning meds and bring them back in.  Easy enough right?  Nope. 

I get Darien off to school and see that one of my employees, who left the office earlier is already having a horrible day, with major car troubles.  Thankfully he made it to work and to his job, however he might need to take the work van home tonight.  Within seconds, a second person, a really good friend of mine tweets that already it is a horrible really bad day.  And she NEVER says stuff like that.

Then, at about 9:15 am both dogs look at me funny and begin vomiting everywhere.  What a sight.  I can’t seem to clean the piles fast enough before another one appears.  At 9:45 a great friend calls to let me know we need to re-do something that ONLY Jarrod can do and we need to get it done today….uhhhhh….help? 

Oh oh…Im not done.  Between cleaning up dog vomit and running UP the stairs to get the business phone in the office, I fall hard.  It really is possible to fall up the stairs you know.  I’ve done it before.  I drop my avocado that was my LAST one and before I recover from my upward fall, one of the dogs grabs it and is gone. I will bet you can guess who got it and who knows where that pit is because I could not get up right away to go stop her.  The pit is still missing. (just kidding Ja, she mangled the outside, but alas the pit remained)

Now there is no worries!  It is now 6 1/2 hours post Jarrod departure and I have 48 more hours to go, an office full of furniture to be delivered, a prescription that has ONE pill left that nobody seems to be able to fill for me for my thyroid and two meetings to get to tomorrow.  Tonight we will conference Jarrod in to fix a program that needs that addition and then give my good friend a nice hard drink (clink clink).

I did however, beat Family Feud this morning seven times and found a really great picture that was left on our dining room table by a budding artist, so it is all good. 

You might want to check back to see how many more things will certainly go wrong before noon on Thursday.

Honey, hurry up and get your ass home.

Love, me.


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2 Responses to When the hubby is away….all hell breaks loose

  1. violetpumpernickel says:

    OH MY GOSH! I am SO SORRY I was part of that! My troubles are done though 🙂

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