Von Willebrand Disease

If you clicked to read this you either have the disorder or can’t figure out what it is. It’s a pain, that’s what. It is the name of a disorder in your blood where your platelets don’t clot like they are supposed to. The simple medical explanation can be read below:


What it means to me is that I bruise easily and if I get a scratch or a cut, it takes a very long time to clot and heal. If I have dental work done or any kind of surgeries, I am pretreated with DDAVP’s. Pretty cool huh? No, not really.

I can’t play any contact sport now and have to watch all medications to make sure they won’t affect this disorder.  About 9 years ago I fell down the stairs and broke the top of my foot.  I bruised so quickly, the Orthopaedic surgeon thought I had done it the day before and actually argued with my husband and myself about the time of injury.  This was pre-diagnosis and it was a very frustrating time.


I was put in a boot and took six months to heal.   I still don’t feel on the top of that foot and the scar is there to remind me of the fall.  I wasn’t diagnosed until I was pregnant with Darien in 2003.  At least I finally knew what was causing all the bruising’s and long healing times.  I still scar to this day and have to be very careful if I do play around with the dog or the kids.

I bet you thought you knew everything there was to know about me right? Life is fun. I really loved volleyball too and miss playing. Stupid platelets. Stupid body and thanks to the relative out there who passed it down as it is hereditary.


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