Water for Elephants…and 13 Wonderful Women

Water for Elephants

I have waited to write this blog for what seems to be an eternity!  I loved this book and have wanted to talk about it since March.  Last night was book club night, a stellar turnout and a great time was had by all.  I have since read my review and realized that I needed to change a few things because of the insight of the 13 wonderful women that helped me see things that I hadn’t before about the writing style, the characters and Rosie.

I found out too, that when 13 women get together, it is a special few hours.  We ate circus themed snacks and all gained at least a pound and shared moments from the stories that each meant something special to us.  The aging factor and nursing homes were especially touching for many of the women who came and their experiences and worries about aging family members were a topic of genuine concern. 

 The diversity of the women present was astounding, yet we were all the same in those three hours.  We were new and old friends coming together to laugh and talk and share feelings.  Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all sap and tears!  We did talk about swinging tassels from a bosom and the talent to make them each turn in a different direction and “upstate weddings” that could have been an outtake from a new sitcom.  We also got into some very deep conversations about family and responsibility and taking care of our elders.  Animal abuse and the general hatred of August was a common theme. 

The very best part was just getting together and seeing some of my friends that I don’t get a chance to see often enough and sharing our thoughts and laughter for a short time.  I’m looking forward to warmer weather where we can sit outside and maybe stay longer too.

As far as the book? It’s a great escape read and without giving too much away, the author gives you a look into an aging man’s thoughts as his life is coming to a close.  He looks back in time at his days working with a circus and the love of animals and a woman who comes along with it.  What you will find is sharp wit from a 90 something year old man and tragedy, love and a deep wish from the reader to make his dream come true again.  It really was a hard book for me to put down and one that I will read again.

The only bad part of the night was that I was forgetful and didn’t get a group shot of everyone that came.  Maybe our next book will be so good, that the same group will come out again and we can get that picture. 

Aimee * Debi * Sue

Sheila * Katy * Jordan * Ally

Karin * Lisa * Carla * Sarah

Michelle * Kim *

(Carrie * Vicki * Susan) were there in spirit – keep reading!


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