If I didn’t need to be paid…

Colorful Clown 3

I would do this for free...

Probably the easiest question for me now in the phase of life I am in.  In order of years, here is how I have evolved:

Age 5:     I would work as a Clown , all day and night and paint a thousand faces a day until my fingers didn’t work anymore

Age 10:   I would work as a masseuse, but would take tips.  I wouldn’t work around the clock, but would keep the tips and get my nails done

Age 15:   I would be a surfing instructor but only to really good-looking guys and they could take me out for a burger right? That doesn’t count as being paid exactly

Age 20:   You’re kidding right?  That won’t be happening any time soon.  I better get paid and paid a lot

Age 25:   I might work as a nurse with little children and teach other nurses how to be more compassionate toward families and patients

Age 30:   I would be a lawyer and help women with stupid soon to be ex-husbands

Age 35:   I would work doing something inside a race track, for a least two years as long as I could take my family with me so they could enjoy the perks

Age 40:   I would work with a few worthy organizations to help my community and maybe write a children’s book

Age 45:   (yes, Im this old) I would go on a free speaking tour to every middle school:

  •                    to teach empathy
  •                    to teach about our homeless and hungry
  •                    to learn from them about anything they want to share

Age 50 and beyond:  Are you really serious that I still have to work for free?  I would certainly use my out-door gardening skills to start and run a community garden for our hungry kids and review books.  I would babysit, yes I would.

What would you do?

Rubber and Racing....


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