The Game of My Thrones

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Game of Thrones, Do You Circle Your Castle?

Have you watched the new Series on HBO yet?  I did last night.  I will tell you that I have not read the book or books and am not here to offer a review of the show itself, though I did like it.  I kept thinking that the medieval people back then aren’t very different from those of today.  How do I mean?  Let me explain.

I have a few people in my life, who will go nameless in this blog that do their best to keep me off kilter and force me to circle the castle walls.  Some withhold information until it would seem that it would be too late to manage anything but a correction to a procedure already finished.  Others just find pleasure in creating uncomfortable circumstances in family times of crisis and still yet others are in complete medieval vicious “push me off the castle wall to my death” mode and try to encourage my failure.

Come and get me!

It is these very same people who will then chastise you to others for the lack of compassion shown to them during a time of need that they created in the first place.  Even when you think they are on your side, helping you out or doing you a service, they are waiting for the “White Walkers” to come and destroy you while you sleep.  These same people I could see killing off a king and taking the throne to themselves to further their needs if they lived back in those times.  Or worse yet, using a sibling to get their title back by way of selling her.  They basically have no morality. 

Oh yes, there are people out there who really do wish you such distress and ill will and stoop to unbelievable lengths to try to sabotage every good thing you have in a friendship, a place of business or a family today.  Their tactics aren’t even subtle either, which makes you laugh.  Thankfully, I have stocked up enough armor in my defense that I can fight these futile attempts at my kingdom every time.  I see through every single person who used to be a knight.  They actually may not have been a knight at all, just never noticed for such hate before.  But I am prepared and they can’t stand it.

My armor this weekend were some really great people, Barry, Michelle, Michael, Shane, Carol, John, Ellis, Vienna, Jarrod and Darien who all came out to support great causes with me.  To Sheila, Pam, Mary, Barry and Allyson who without question, stepped up for my son.  To Kevin, Jordan, Sarah, Jen and Brendan who did the same all for a friend.  For Terry and Lisa and Laura, Walker, Kimberly, Justin and Vicki!  My closet of armor was full this weekend and though there were times where arrows came at me, there was never a time where they did any damage. 

This is as close as I could come to a “rant”, which WordPress suggested we do for a change.  It felt good and I hope it doesn’t scare you!  I’m usually not an angry writer, more of a fuzzy writer, but today I let the Queen out.

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One Response to The Game of My Thrones

  1. violetpumpernickel says:

    I sat here and cried and cried catching up, in a backward fashion beginning with todays post to this one…crying because of everything going on in our lives – mine and yours combined – everything you wrote, and perhaps just for the world that is changing so quickly around us. You are an amazing woman – may an arrow never breach your armor. xxoo

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