Just For Kicks…but don’t kick me

I heard the greatest news last week.  My son played kickball at school!  Why was this great news?  He is a junior in high school, not an athlete and likes table tennis over baseball.  He was also excited about this game to the point where he gave me the in’s and outs of how they played it, who won and how he couldn’t wait to play it again.  What was the great excitement over kickball? 

Who is up for it!

He called it African Long Base and it was Co-Ed.  Teams were in heated battle and the rules were different from when he was a “kid”  You still got three strikes.  You still kicked the ball.  But you could kick it ANYWHERE.  There was no out-of-bounds.  You could even kick the ball behind you.  There was a short base and a long base.  Once you kick the ball, you run to the short or long base and if you can, home.  If you have to stay on base, no problem.  You can have multiple people on base.  The problem is, once you have one kicker left, you all better run. 
So, its kickball with strategy.  If you are in the outfield, you better have players to the left, right, behind home base and up the opponents skirts if you want to win.  You don’t have to be the fastest or hardest kicker, just the best faker you can be.  Placing the ball is key to getting people home.
I have decided that if he can do it, we can do it!  It’s a way to learn about games from other countries and get a little exercise too.  Veteran’s field is calling us ladies and germs.  Who is in for a game of African Long Base?  I am. 

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3 Responses to Just For Kicks…but don’t kick me

  1. ally says:

    This is great! I attempted to join a team in an adult kickball league but could never seem to make any of the games. I feel an FJF sponsored team in the future 🙂

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