Totally Stolen…


A blogging friend of mine found this fun, ongoing meme called “Unconscious Mutterings“. A new list of words is posted every week for an ongoing exercise in free association. She said, Apparently, over time, this technique is supposed to help recover repressed thoughts and feelings that one can then work through to gain a better sense of self. But, I thought I’d try it as just another random way for me to get the words out of my head and onto the blog on a more regular base. Perhaps another source of inspiration? And hey, I could always use some self discovery. We shall see. 

What do you come up with first?


She did two lists of word association at one time, and asked us fellow bloggers to do the same.  I saw it as a challenge to go deep within myself, close my eyes (well not really, because I couldn’t see the original word then) and see what I come up with.  Here goes…

Week #433:

  1. Code :: Computers, Brainiac, Geek
  2. Brothers :: Pedophile, Damaged, Brain Donation
  3. Immigration :: Problematic, Red Tape, Speak ENGLISH
  4. Heavy :: Old, diet
  5. Bracket :: keyboard function, Basketball
  6. Murder :: Attempted or Real, Could I Get Away With It, 90% do
  7. Neighbor :: Noisy, Unseen, No children
  8. Collar :: Bone, Broken, 80’s turn-up
  9. Onslaught :: Daily Schedule, Cancer
  10. Eyebrows :: gone

Week #432:

  1. Trumpet :: Annoying, Loud
  2. Love :: My house, children, husband
  3. Routine :: What the hell is that, Blackberry, Mayhem
  4. Infringe :: Parents, Schedules, Cancer
  5. Misgivings :: Regrets, Many
  6. Establish :: Create, ADD
  7. Stupefy :: Smart, Amazing
  8. Constipate :: Remedies, Xlax, Great prank
  9. Conjure :: uhh….hrmmm
  10. Miscellaneous :: Everything else,

As Ally said, “Go on … give it a whirl. You know you want to!”


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3 Responses to Totally Stolen…

  1. ally says:

    your responses are way more interesting than mine!

    • wigsbabe says:

      No way, just different. I did an experiment and asked Jarrod to associate. HIS were great! I might do it again and put ours side by side or even with a new twist: Associated words with a good vibe and with a bad vibe.

      It was a great task and I loved doing it.


      • wigsbabe says:

        Jarrod Example: Constipate: d

        see…he just said D brilliant. I laughed out of my chair

        Miscellaneous: My desk

        It just kept getting better and better

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