And there was, Pocono

Sometimes, the best part of a vacation is the excitement of getting away and packing and watching the children as they count down the days to the real vacation.  When your children get older, it changes to a feeling of just relaxing and getting away from the daily grind for a few days.  For my family, it’s about racing, our passion, the food and the people.

This year was a little different.  My oldest two children didn’t come with us for the first part of the vacation.  One was working and the other was prepping for five Regent’s exams.  They stayed home.  Though it was quiet, it gave both my husband and myself a new and different outlook on our lives.  This is what it is going to be like soon and our children are growing up and moving forward.  They would come for the last half of our racing vacation and we would enjoy them, but we were thrilled that they had confidence in themselves to do what they needed and wanted to do too.

We packed light, even ate light those first two days and just relaxed, biking with the little one occasionally.  We spent time catching up with friends that we spend our racing vacations with and their children.  The weather was great, though we knew it would change come Saturday.  When Jordan and Justin finally got there, so did the rain.  Jordan hung out inside the motor coach while we tried to stick it out on the outside.  That all ended at about 3:30 pm on Saturday, when we all headed indoors.


This is where our weekend really kicked in to high gear and the most fun.  We sat there and played Uno and Dominos for hours, literally hours.  We laughed and plotted and had the best time just being together as a family.  We heard the rain on the roof with the sound of others around us trying to stick out the weather, but we were in our pod for about 12 hours and it was tremendous.  I didn’t read.  They didn’t nap.  We never turned on the television, even though we had picked out a movie.  If we would have brought Risk, we would have stayed up all night.

When we did finally go to bed, we were beat and happy and teasing each other about who won and who lost and who blocked who on the last turn.  Usually, this isn’t how the Pocono weekends roll with us.  We are usually outside by a fire, roasted a marshmallow or making fire pies or watching the tape delayed Arca Race.  The fireworks never went off and there were only a few weekend diehards outside trying to make the best of the situation…and we didn’t care.  It was as if we were the only ones there for that one night.  Our kids were not grown, just our kids. I think we even felt younger too. 

When we all got up on Sunday morning, it was race day.  We went back into race mode and set up the outdoor racing sitting area and while I grilled chicken and peppers, along with dogs and brats for the kids, we watched Jeff Gordon race to victory and our favorite, Tony Stewart lose a gear late in the race.  We cheered, laughed and hoped for Jimmie Johnson to crash and the night before was gone like the rain.  Or was it. 

Justin received his first of three very large college books when we arrived home last night and will be spending the next two weeks reading it before he gets to Cornell.  Jordan will be working a tight schedule and very busy and Darien will begin her six weeks of Theatre.  I am going to secretly stash that box of Uno cards right on the card table in the living room and see who will be the first person to notice it and ask to play…

In all of this I realized that our game night that we used to have stopped for a while.  We all agreed that we are going to bring it back.  We have such limited time with each other as it is, we might as well make it really fun when we can.  Now I gotta go find the Boce Ball set, the most awesome Badminton rackets and regular deck of cards to teach and reteach them Hearts, the best game ever in the world. 

The Pringle Quack

Just look at these faces.  I was dealing cards and they were Pringle Quacking.  Shortly after this was taken, I made Darien move to Justin’s seat, therefore he saw the wrath of my Uno prowess instead of his sister.  Life is good.


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2 Responses to And there was, Pocono

  1. Brandi says:

    Life is good. And I’m so glad you share your amazing lives with the world. 🙂 Reading this made me smile and seeing the pringle quacks made me laugh out loud. I love you guys and I’m so happy to have found you all again! 🙂 Yea for Facebook!

  2. wigsbabe says:

    I am so lucky to have found you again too. 🙂 I am getting more blessed as the years go by.

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