Weather you know it or not…

A play on words, a pun, a mis-step in spelling?  Nah.  I’m not sure if I have ever really told many people how much of a weather geek I have become.  Ever since I moved to the Northeast where there are seasons and seasonal storms that are fun to track, I have been hooked.

Coming from Florida, where I lived for 22 years, I always found myself in love with the general southern storm.  The fast approaching clouds and far off lightning that you could time as it got closer.  Then how quickly the storm would usually pass.  Then flip on the tube and look at the aftermath of what weather can do.  Hurricanes were the height of our storm watching and those were no joking matter.  If you lived in Florida, weather geek or not, you watched, you tracked and you planned.

Up here, there are interesting weather scenarios and they last longer and seem to take forever to get here and yes, I find myself tracking them all.  In winter, I sit by the fire with the television tuned into a channel for the latest news and now with the technologies that we have, I open an application on my phone and watch the active radar as it edges closer and closer.  Snow is my favorite type of storm to watch, no doubt.  It’s also the most frustrating because it keeps me up nights.  For it usually comes at the latest hours in the evening, in full force.

My friends are getting to know how much I love our systems and whats going on with storms so much so that they ask me how bad is it going to be and when is it going to be here.  I feel as if its my second or third calling in life, all behind the multitude of other things that come first.  Unless of course, it’s a nor’easter that is predicting 8-12…..then all bets are off and your making your own dinner.


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