Alrighty then.  I am officially in remission.  My latest bloods from Monday came back clean, for the second time in a row.  Not to get too excited, but even the cervical cultures from last week were free of the usual garbage and got great news there too.  For once in three years, I have been told by two doctors in one day that I am cancer free and in a full state of remission.

That calls for celebration, elation and a shout of woot all the way around.  I have to tell you that I never do that, however.  Too many times I get really excited and then the cancer smack hits you flat on your back or right in the face once again.  So for now, Im going to get on my bike and ride ten miles, wobble inside and crunch the abs for thirty minutes and then have an egg.

Hey, in my life, thats a party.  On top of that?  Im going to watch a chick flick because the man is headed out to play cards tonight.  Hopefully he wins to recoupe the $185 he lost today when our corporate van was towed in the city.

Ahhhhhh, there is always something.


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