My Shadow…

Barretta at 5 weeks

To no ones surprise, my shadow is by my side every moment that I’m at home.  It starts with me waking, when she has all the covers and me, none.  A few moments of morning hugs and we are both off to the bathroom where she grabs more attention as I conquer my morning routine.  She never leaves until I say, let’s go.

Barretta at 5 months

After my meds and face wash and the usual girlie stuff, we are off to Darien’s room.  She never wavers as the jumps on Darien’s bed and sits on her back while I slowly encourage a full-blown lick attack to wake my little girl up for school.  Task completed, we head to my bedroom where she is at my feet while I dress and under my feet as we walk downstairs to the kitchen.

Plopping herself on her chair at the table, she waits for her breakfast, which yes, is on the floor.  During all of my routines throughout the day, this is how each moment goes, followed by a grunt or snore if I am at my desk where she quickly sleeps on the couch next to me or the floor next where I’m making dinner.

Getting her bath

By the way, other family members really don’t interrupt this shadow.  If there are three of us watching television, and I jump up to go upstairs, my shadow leaves the family, the comfort of a warm couch and soothing tv, to follow me to wherever I am going.  The only time I am ever second choice would be meal time for the humans.  She will wait until everyone is finished eating and then find me.

If I fall asleep on the couch, she is there with me.  If on a Sunday, I sleep until noon?  So does she, foregoing breakfast and her morning to the backyard for relief.  Do I mind?  How could I.  When she first came to us when she was five weeks old, I held her on my neck while she slept, trained her and let her in my heart.  She can have my blankets, my crust off my piece of pie and all the smooches I can give her.

Taking up my bed…

I’ve never in my life had a dog that loved me so much. I don’t know what I did to deserve such focus and dedication.  Sometimes I think she knows that I’ve been sick and I need a partner to keep me strong or a silent friend to let me know I’m going to be fine.   I actually worry about her when I’m not home.  What is she doing with herself?

I do giggle when I leave the room and I hear her coming after me and I even try to hide and see how long it takes her to find me.  Shes fast and gets to me all the time.  It was her third birthday last month and hopefully I will have an impact on her like she has on me. Maybe I already have for her to be such a dedicated and wonderful companion and shadow.

In my office


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