The dreaded flute…

Among our crazy lives here at the Esposito’s, we challenge our children to do many things while they are little to find out one or two recreational talents or skills that might be hidden inside themselves.  To this point today, that is.  I may have to change that policy.

Oh booooooy…

Darien, our third and last child, who is almost nine is the super child who has been willing to try several sports *soccer – four years running, *tennis – three years and in hiatus due to a wrist injury, *Gymnastics – two years and finished, *Ballet – three years and finished, *CYO Basketball – first year in practice sessions now.  She is a three-year Girl Scout and attends CCD every week.

Busy girl right?

On top of those, Darien has taken piano lessons for three years, loves her recorder and just today, began lessons on the dreaded flute.  Yes, I said it.  The dreaded flute.  She is humming a tune I don’t recognize and practicing something that resembles nails on a chalkboard.  Even my shadow runs away and hides.  Before you scathe me on forcing her to take more lessons on something new, let it be known that the school district requires each student to pick an instrument from a list and learn it.  At school.  Once per week, with lovely practice and persistence at home for the next six days until the next school lesson.  And I know what your thinking…..why didnt you just pick piano?  That wasnt on the list.  Good grief.

I need headphones and one small glass of wine, no make that two.

At least it’s not the violin (her second choice).  Wait until she is 25 and I tell her I scratched that out on the form and left it blank to make sure we didn’t get it.

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2 Responses to The dreaded flute…

  1. teamharman says:

    we are awaiting news on whether my 7 yo is getting the clarinet, flute or trumpet for her school instrument for a year in a similar program. Wish me luck 😉

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