Dr. House

Living with multiple “issues” and each one complicating the other one, I’ve learned to love the show House.  Even though I doubt that the super doctors around the world are as horrible at the bedside as the television persona is, the writing of each episode is unbelievably good and so many of the shows touch upon parts of me.

My husband has often told me I should find my own “House” that can look at all of my complaints and give me a path of treatment that would ease my symptoms or even cure my ails.  I actually began searching and found a great guy pretty close to me in Manhattan.


I was then intrigued enough to look at the past and see where it all started.  I looked at some history and found an interesting take and cool article about some original doctors that started the most serious treatments in harsh ways, but led the path of treatment, super surgeons, risk taking and miracle making.


And then I stumbled upon a video that you can see where our next generation of brilliance  will come from.  Amazing minds willing to change the paths of the future.


I don’t think I will ever find my  “Doctor House”, and I’m dealing with multiple disorders on a daily basis fairly well lately, so I’m going to keep moving on, tired and hopeful.

Its all good


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