The Week in Review…

BIG coloring page

I’ve been away from writing and my normal life for the past week.  The reason?  My little Darien had surgery.  She had her tonsils and adenoids removed one week ago today and will return to school tomorrow whether she is ready or not.

The Patient Before Surgery

I’ve been through 55 surgeries with my oldest daughter so I thought this would be a breeze and I have to tell you that this week taught me  a bit.  Darien is eight and was nervous about having her first operation and we had to leave her in the prep/recovery room.  Though she was scared, she did wonderfully and before we knew it, she was out, recovered and we were home.  Little did I know how close Darien and I would become over the next seven days.

The Patient doing homework with swollen cheeks..

We colored,  made creatures from beads, watched countless movies that were geared toward eight year olds, played house with Barbies, kicked butt on Mario Party using peer-to-peer with our DS‘s, braided string, sewed a dress for a baby doll, painted, medicated, drank and slept together for seven straight days and nights.

These were fun…

All day and all night.

You would think that being in my bedroom, hanging with my youngest while she convalesced would be relaxing and enjoyable………..well, it really was, minus the lack of sleep and the countless brainless shows on Nickelodeon that I was forced to watch.

Older sister, Jordan and our family dog, sitting with Darien, night after surgery

Of course, there were times my motherly instincts were at the forefront of the day.  I had to eat soup when I didn’t want soup, because if I did, she did.  I had more ice pops in two days than I’ve had in ten years for sure.

She slept on my chest for two nights and on the other nights, slept on our sofa in our room, not so quietly as she cried in her sleep from the soreness when she would swallow.

I learned that Darien is much different from Jordan and needed me so much more than I would have thought.  She became a toddler who wanted her mom beside her day and night and someone to just make her feel better.

She is better, healing every day and headed back to school tomorrow too.  Somehow in all of this I didn’t know I would end up with a new patient…

The new patient???


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