Lanced..and dismayed

Lance Armstrong at the team presentation of th...

Lance Armstrong at the team presentation of the 2010 Tour de France in Rotterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought for a change I would post an opinion about a relative topic that has supporters on both sides of the tire.  Doping and riding.  I’m riding my hybrid recently to help me get into shape and have subscribed to a few magazines and push notifications about the subject and unfortunately it happens to be at a time when doping is the center of attraction once again.

Not only is Lance Armstrong covering the pages with his lack of fighting against the 1,000 page document of testimony and evidence against him (yes he knew it was going to be published to the International Cycling Union as part of a requirement) but we also have another biker, a Frenchman has just failed a drug test of his own.  With so much uncontrolled doping going on in the sport of cycling, how can anyone consider any result anything more than the best of the druggies?

Are we, the fans of these sports partly to blame for placing our heroes on pedestals that they could never reach without the help of a drug?

I know that doping was and has been around for many years and part of the reality is that we are getting better at finding the abusers and our media lets everyone know about every failed test out there in every sport in the world.  Lately, it seems that so many of my hero’s are succumbing to get better any way they can, even at the peril of their bodies and possibly all of their accolades.

I just don’t get why they are willing to risk it all to the ending dismay of their family, fans and their sport.

It makes me sad.


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