I havent lost it, it’s just the doors fault

Recently, I’ve been having a troublesome problem.  I get up to retrieve something or make a decision to go and do something and when I get to wherever I am supposed to be, I can’t for the life of me remember why I’m there.  Its become a daily problem and most frustrating!

Its gotten to the point that I will repeat to myself over and over while I am walking to the new place so that when I actually get there, I will remember it clearly.  I have sat down in the living room for over five minutes, having just left the kitchen wondering what I wanted from in there only to leave once again.  Ten minutes later, I remember and will trudge back  there and complete the task once and for all.

If you have ever suffered with this, as I call it, “What the Hell?!” syndrome, you aren’t alone or completely nuts and ready for a rubber room.  There is an explanation.  Now if I just can remember what it is.  Just kidding.

It’s the doorways.

The dreaded door…

Honest.  I swear.  I starting reading about this problem and found out that our brains sort of reset themselves when they go through a doorway.  The brain releases old information and sees the new room and is ready for new information, thereby giving us the “What the Hell?! moment of why we went there in the first place.  You don’t believe me?

Check this out:


And this:


You are not crazy and I for one am quite relieved.  I am still repeating myself and my family has started giving me strange looks but it is helping.  I’ve counted the doorways in my house.  I’m in big trouble.

The one positive note for all of those reading this?  It could be used as an excuse in the work environment for your lack of task completion.  Just blame it on the doorways.


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