Darien has recently shown an interest in cooking, so last week I decided to let her choose the theme of the dinner each night and then we would plan it out quickly and create something around her theme.  Here is how it went:

Black Choco Chip Waffle “Breakfast” Dinner

We also had grits, orange juice and stomach aches later for some reason.  It could be the black food dye she added to the batter to make them as black as possible.

Mexican Taco Night!

Night two was eventful.  Darien not only helped make dinner, she made menus, dressed the part and set the table complete with a festive center piece she created.  No stomach issues for most and we did use ground turkey for the tacos to keep it healthier.  Delish!

American / Mexican / Sloppy Joe Pockets

Probably our favorite meal was night three….as we followed a Grands biscuits commercial idea and made Taco Pockets and Sloppy Joe Pockets.  Flatten out the biscuits, place your toppings inside and pinch together followed by baking.  Tremendous.  Apple pockets are next on our list to make.

Making the menus!

The meal would not have been complete without our menus each night and Darien serving us while we all sat.  She even cleared the table, wrapped leftovers and let me go sit down.  We have a pretty good storm headed our way and I think the next item on our list will be chicken soup!

It’s truly been a great week to experiment and teach her tools of the kitchen trade.  The time we spent together was a little messy, but worth every minute.  She celebrated her 9th birthday learning how to cook and create.  We have decided that twice a week we are going to keep up this tradition so that she will be able to cook for her family someday with confidence.  The most exciting part of starting now is that it is holiday season and there  so many great things to cook!

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