The Moment When…

There are so many of these moments in all of our lives and I thought I would cover my top 20. This is not a new practice, but an enlightening one.
Here we go.

1. The moment when I realized I reached adulthood: 

Married at 18. Pregnant at 19. Delivered my first child 2 weeks prior to my 20th birthday. She had a horrible birth defect  and I became a mother, nurse, best friend and an instant adult.

2.  The moment when I understood the generation gap was getting wider:

Millennial’s and their right of passage has become their right of entitlement.  The easy way. No work ethic. Everyone gets a trophy and I began to write letters to editors. Good grief.

3.  The moment when I cried for hours:

August 22nd 2012 when I left my only son at Albany University. I don’t cry anymore. There are medicines for that you know.

4.  The moment when I knew I was pretty lucky:

1983. I avoided a head-on collision by turning right under a semi going 40 and lived. AMC Gremlins are my secret love.

5.  The moment when I knew my father loved me:

That same day of the accident when he saw me and then he saw the destroyed car.

6.  The moment when I thought I had lost everything:

My oldest child slipped into the beyond three times before they were able to revive her. The Hackensack Intensive team brought her back to me.

7.  The moment when I accepted my past:

Easily the worst realization of abuse by no less than four men and two cheaters. I’m not bitter anymore. I also won’t ever forget. 

8.  The moment when my first dog died:

His name was Doxie and he was my dog growing up. Nobody else’s. Just mine. At the end of his life he could not see and stayed on my bed waiting for me.

9.  The moment when I had that big “aha”  moment:

Slightly long termed-history here.  What my actual “aha” is will remain with me.

10.  The moment when I could do a cart wheel:


11.  The moment when I loved to listen to music in the car:

1982 through ….ahhh..2010

12.  The moment when I felt old for the first time:

in 2010, when I could no longer concentrate with music playing while I drove.

13.  The moment when I lost my virginity:

You wish you knew that

14.  The moment when I batted in a home run:

Last summer. With the best of friends.

15.  The moment when I had too much to consume and I was carried to bed:

January 7, 2015. I still got it… well not so much but I pretended to with the best of friends.

16.  The moment when I really loved my body:

1980. Had the greatest Florida tan when I moved to Philly for the summer. It’s been a constant battle ever since.

17.  The moment when I played football with playing cards:

1976. Kicked my brothers ass and he hated every minute. Then we played electronic football with the little felt football that you meticulously put into the plastic kicker …bzzzz. Greatest game ever invented.

Football 1976
18.  The moment when I turned 30

Got a tattoo, a belly ring and finally, my voice. I wouldn’t be quiet any longer.

19.  The moment when I watched the greatest of all time shows, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

We all did. The best weekend show and family time. 

20.  The moment when I got fired from a job:

The only time. It helped me learn.

What are yours??


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