The Ride

Sometimes it’s just fun to embarrass your children. Today was one of those days and I was lucky enough to do it twice to two out of three of my kids.

On the ride home from a movie, Darien sat in the back seat with a long time friend and put on a song. I decided to begin what was going to be a fabulous  30 minute drive.  We were early to return her friend, so we decided to grab some icecream and stop to get gas. I spontaneously started to cabbage patch.  Darien protested loudly and I kept up my 80’s groove to All About That Bass. Apparently this was not cool even though her friend was giggling like crazy. Darien was mortified.

While we jumped from song to song, I reveled in my historic moves, pausing only momentarily to bomb some “enlightenment portals”.  The husband was showing the girls our zero to empty gas mileage and how they would have to push the car the rest of the way home. They laughed. We laughed harder and the next groove began to play and the embarrassment continued.

After stopping at a few more portals (you don’t play Ingress??) and waving to said awesome friend at drop off, Darien proclaimed that her friend was now afraid of us. We won, slapped on a high five to each other and finally went home. Her friend thought we were awesome.

Did I mention that my son called while we were driving to ask what was taking so long?  We got him some takeout because after all he is 21 and said he was “starviiinngg”.  This was now a half hour ago. I told him I had my own gaming to do. “Ungh” he muttered.

I delivered his food. I checked in on him moments later where he was still eating, headphones securely in place and talking to his friend, Gordon online while playing League of something or other.  I saw my chance. “Hi Gordon!” I hollered. Of course my son was shocked that I knew his friends name. I reached down and grabbed his newly shaven face and kissed him loudly muffling “nom nom nom” until he squealed loud enough for me to release my motherly grasp on his head and hear Gordon snicker.

Ahhhhhh to the joys of motherhood.  



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