Looking Outward

There are many times in our lives that we look inward to find direction.  Some days are hopeless, with no answers and others are filled with promise.  Right now I’ve decided to look Outward.  Draw a path.  I don’t mean plot your direction in life, but just look into the inner you for what you need to be happy in the future on the outside.   Have I confused you yet?

Did you know that you project outwardly how you feel inside?  Remember that.  If you go through days where you are increasingly unhappy, hurt or lost, you will come across to others as pensive, quiet and not quite right, especially to those who know you well.  You may pull away from daily activities and even fall so far as to depress yourself.

I have realized recently that I need at least an hour of “me” time a day where its quiet and I can not associate myself with anything around me.  My “me” time could be anything from exercise, reading, napping or even writing.  Without distraction.  If I don’t get that time to myself, I can feel regress and mental fatigue.  So for now, my goal to outward direction is to concentrate on my “me” time.

My outward bound health needs this time to decompress, not regress or depress.  Have I mentioned Ingress?  Mental strategy and timing while “gaming” can also be a part of your self-initiated alone time.  Take more baths.  Lock the bedroom door, lay on the floor and just breathe.  Grab a handful of books and mindfully read them.  Sing.  Sing like you have never done before.

Find a Zen that will help you look outward to your future consisting of a happy and healthier life.  Grab a wet and freshly washed load of laundry and hang it on the clothesline.  Snap the sheets and pillow cases and spray a linen scent on them.  The next time you change your sheets, you will thank me.  There is nothing more relaxing than a new crispy sheet with lavender scent abounding.

There is a need of freedom in your mind.  A moment each day where you aren’t thinking about anything else.  About anything at all.   I will own my personal time and let everyone around me know that they too should take advantage of themselves and grab a moment in time for them.  Heal thy self.  Look inward and move outward.


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Never be the Mediator... be the writer.
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