Named after a Greek God, Hercules found himself in a pretty scary situation.  Lost and all alone in a town he didn’t recognize, he quickly found shelter from the rain pelting him hard on his tired shoulders.  Hercules didn’t know if sleeping was a possibility or if that would lead him into more danger, so he lay there awake, surrounded by bits of trash and garbage cans. He was barely covered by a small overhang from a window above.

Just before Hercules closed his eyes under the weight of his tiredness, a  loud noise caught his attention.  Lights encompassed his temporary resting spot and he had been discovered.  He couldn’t move or breath.  Hercules just sat there with his tail between his legs and shook.  Within moments a noose was around his neck and tall gloved men were pulling and then hoisting Hercules into a small cage where other lost souls had occupied before him.

Maybe now someone would help him, he thought.



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