Through the doors she walked, blood trailing behind her as she left the streets for the cold tiled floor of the hospital.  Without a word, she grabbed her stomach and sat down in front of a vending machine, long empty of any sustenance.  Holding her knees she quietly faced her destiny, her fate.  She would die here tonight in the lonely halls of the once thriving place where fifty years ago, thousands of people lived.

Her eyes closed and fists clenched, Teresa silently gave birth to what could have been her first-born love of her life but was her last symbol of the distraught changes that had become of this world.  She held her baby close as it breathed in life and quickly covered its mouth and nose to end it.  No more will live this life.

Forty minutes later Teresa bled to death surrounded by skeletons of other mothers holding their babies corpses as she was.  In this horrific sight was peace.


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